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GOWEX WiFi Free, a first step to provide the best infrastructure to Dubai before the EXPO 2020


GOWEX and DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority), an independent economic zone established in the Emirate, will provide WiFi Access and smart services to the most important business district in the Middle East.With more than 1.600 international companies in its territory, the DAFZA contributes an 8% to the Emirate capital and has grown 42% between 2012 and 2013

Dubai, April 22nd 2014-. GOWEX (GOW-MAB, ALGOW-NYSE Alternext LGWXY-OTC Market) leader Company in creating Wireless Smart Cities® and the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA), a free economic zone at Dubai, have reached an agreement to transform the economic zone into a Wireless Smart City®, integrating free WiFi connectivity and smart services in the whole territory. The agreement signature has been possible thank to the alliance between DAFZA, GOWEX and THTC, GOWEX’ strategic partner in the region and the local engineering leader in Dubai.

The development phase is divided in three. The first one will be running next May 15th and will allow citizens and machines (M2M) to connect. This project is framed inside GOWEX’s worldwide strategy in developing Wireless Smart Cities®. In addition, “Dubai Airport Freezone Authority” boosts to provide infrastructure in the Emirate’s capital before the DUBAI EXPO 2020.

Nowadays, according to Financial Times, DAFZA is the most important ‘Free Economic Zone’ in the world, because it hosts more than 1.600 companies from 5 different continents and contributes with an 8% to Dubai’s whole business. This Global Leader Project, will open Dubai and their citizens as a Global Capital Connected to NYC, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid or Dublin and more than 84 big cities of the World, that works in same Platform.

“For GOWEX, it’s prideful to work with DAFZA and THTC, transforming the zone in a Wireless Smart City. Dubai is getting ready for the DUBAI EXPO 2020, which will be the most spectacular in history, with any doubt. And we will contribute with our project in a relevant way”, point out Jenaro García, CEO of GOWEX.

Free WiFi, the first step to become a Smart City

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority will count with Free WiFi inside its buildings thanks to the deployment of more than 500 hotspots. Those will also be installed in urban transport for an Internet connection in motion. Workers and DAFZA neighbors will have an Internet freemium access, with a download speed up to 1Mbps for everybody and payment rates for those who would need a faster connection.

In the other hand, not only citizens and DAFZA workers will profit an Internet connection but the project considers to stir in smart services that will work for free thank to the big wireless infrastructure created in the zone.


Noteworthy that this is the first time creating a network this significant with an 802.11ac (GigaBit WiFi) technology, which standard was finally approved on January 2014. This will improve users and services interconnections.

On its effort to improve, GOWEX has got ready its systems in order to adopt the new standard, helping transfer rates, and allowing fluidity and a faster connection with a better user experience thanks to its 1 Gb/s speed.

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