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GOWEX will light New York with one of the biggest free WiFi Networks of the world

GOWEX Nueva York

New Yorkers and visitors will enjoy 1.953 WiFi zones around the biggest neighborhoods of the city. The new “FREEWiFiGOWEX” network will make possible the offloading, it means, data download from the 3G networks through GOWEX access points. Smart City services will be allocated by GOWEX to different Public or Private Entities. GOWEX comes into USA making an impressive debut, where it aims to expand to the principal capitals of the country.

Madrid, 5th March 2013 – GOWEX (GOW-MAB, ALGOW-NYSE Alternext, LGWXY – ADR Program), leading company creating Wireless smart cities (Wireless Smart Cities®) and intelligent WiFi into the transport, will offer their Free WiFi on New York, from now, thanks to a significant deployment of 1.953 WiFi smart zones around the biggest neighborhoods of the city. In this way, almost 20 millions of the urban population, also the 52 millions of tourist, who visit the city, will have free Internet access into hundreds of hotspots spread between Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Bronx.

GOWEX will make profitable derivative investment efforts of this project, among others, through the following incomes:

- Revenue from roaming and offloading: counting with more than 130 carriers that the proprietary platform from GOWEX roaming has. Among them, recent agreements announced with AT & T and Deutsche Telekom

- Advertising revenues: by Smart Advertising platform from GOWEX both advertisers for the American market and for tourists visiting the city. America is the world’s largest advertising market.

- Revenues from Smart City services, based, service platform also owned by GOWEX, Wireless Smart Cities ® (WSC) Platform.

GOWEX at United States

New York has always been considered one of the strategic cities where GOWEX wanted to implement their projects and, with this release, the Company enters in the best way possible in the U.S. market, getting millions of potential users. “GOWEX creates global WiFi cities  global citizens. Citizens of Paris, Dublin, Madrid and GOWEX nearly 70 cities around the world, can connect with the same privileges, this will make the network even more attractive to NY citizens. The launch of New York is just another step in the strategy GOWEX that, in the near future, will be implemented in the U.S. over three cities this year, “said Jenaro Garcia, CEO of GOWEX. We are talking with various private and public entities that have a high interest in using and expand this project of WSC” said Jenaro Garcia.

This thread supports the recent entrance of the Company into the North American market, where it is currently listed through an ADR program (American Depositary Receipt) enabling the company’s titles buy through the North American stock market “Over the Counter” (OTC).

An adapted project for the New Yorkers

The Free WiFi GOWEX connection in New York will have certain technical specifications adapted to the citizens and the city visitors: first of all, the access to the “FREEWiFiGOWEX” new network, the users may download previously the GOWEX WiFi Free company application, available for iOS and Android devices, which allow a faster and more effective way to connect for the users. The app, which is making the debut in New York with the 3.0 version, which has on their functionality a smart-zone map, adapted to the North American measure system, just like thematically news channels and municipal interesting information, among others.

Further, the data download velocity will be able to achieve 1Mb speed connection for free users. On the other hand, the new company network “FREEWIFIGOWEX” will make possible the offloading, this is, data download from the 3G networks through GOWEX access points and enable relieve the networks for the operators, pressing issue in many points of New York due to the high number of connections and users in most of their zones.

New York, WiFi city

Earlier 2013, Google announces a Free WiFi deployment for the citizens in Chelsea neighborhood: an attractive project for the neighbors of this popular district by the Silicon Valley giant offers free internet connection to 2.000 citizens and thousand visitors in this zone.With the GOWEX project launching, this bet is extend now into all the neighborhoods and complements a supply connection in New York, which will make the city into a paradigm of free wireless connectivity around the world.

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