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How To Find Free Wi-Fi Anywhere In The World

You might think that you are in dire need of Wi-Fi due to the movie obsession that you have. You are not. You do not need Wi-Fi in a desperate manner until you are stuck at the airport and you have no active data plan yet you need to communicate with a company manager explaining that you will arrive late for an important meeting. While it is vital to have access to Wi-Fi whether free or paid, find the clues below that you can use to find Wi-Fi as you travel.


Locate an Apple Store, McDonald’s or Starbucks

There are a few places that will always have free Wi-Fi regardless of the place you set your feet in. Engage the Apple Store which is a common feature for some of the major cities across the world. In the apple store, you will not be required to agree to any Terms and Conditions neither will you be under any pressure to purchase a thin. In case you have no nearby Apple store in the area that you live, find out whether McDonalds and Starbucks have branches near you.

Be a hotspot savvy

It is not every Wi-Fi that is free for use. Most of the businesses and premises have some terms and conditions that you are required to meet before you can access free Wi-Fi. Some cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi to various patrons, and you will be required to purchase a certain thing being offered in their premises before you can be allowed to use their Wi-Fi. If you truly need free Wi-Fi look out for places such as bus stations, train stations, airports, tourist areas such as museums, community areas such as parks, libraries and public squares, hotel lobbies, bookstores, and other expediency stores.


Make use of an app

The main challenge of getting Wi-Fi applications is that you are required to be connected to the internet. This therefore means that if you are travelling to some place abroad and you are not in possession of active data, you will have to find Wi-Fi in the first place before you are able to access some other Wi-Fi connections. There are a few apps that work in an excellent manner even when they are in the offline mode. Instabridge which is supported by Android and iOS is a community that connects to the nearest networks automatically. The site is comprised of over 3 million hotspots. This may sound absurd, but it is not the case once you travel abroad. WeFi Pro is another site that is also supported by Android. It has over 200 million hotspots meaning that you will get a wider international appeal.


Ask if you have difficulty

You are not a know it all. If you are in a café, hotel, or another business, you may not know if they have free Wi-Fi. Switch on your phone and try to access the available ports. If you are unable, seek help.



Hey there! As a part of this generation, you already are familiar with the term public WIFI. These are the WIFI connections that offer free connectivity to millions of users present out there. However, not all the cities in the world can enjoy these perks but for the ultra-modern ones;

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