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How To Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots When Travelling

In the contemporary world, we are seeing free Wi-Fi in many public places around the globe. Such areas that offer free Wi-Fi are very critical for people who are frequent in travelling since such people will not have the Wi-Fi that they use at home, and they may not be in a position to pay using data for roaming internationally. The tips highlighted here will be of help as you travel and want to use internet.



There are two restaurant chains that have free Wi-Fi almost every other time

Do you need free Wi-Fi? Watch out for a restaurant that is named McDonalds or Starbucks. These two hotels have very many branches spread all over the world. You can be sure that being in either of them will guarantee you free Wi-Fi in a consistent manner. You do not need to provide feedback about the coffee, tea, or food that you are served. They have fast internet connection that you will enjoy. In some instances you may not be required to buy anything; just get in and log in to the Wi-Fi. However, it is courteous to have something on your table as you do your stuff from the Wi-Fi. McDonalds and Starbucks are not the only hotels that provide free Wi-Fi. However, you can easily spot the two hotels from a distance since their symbols are large for all and sundry to see.

There are other places that you can access free Wi-Fi

You can be sure that public libraries do not offer you reading space only. You will be provided with some excellent Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, some cities have gone high tech. They have their own Wi-Fi networks which are free. Such Wi-Fi can be found in public places such as parks or streets. Shopping malls may also have free Wi-Fi that you can use while you shop in the mall.

Moreover, some small shops that make and sell coffee could also have free Wi-Fi to offer to their clientele. Wi-Fi is a common thing across the world and even established grocery stores have moved into the habit of offering free Wi-Fi. These areas are private hotspots.



You may also find free Wi-Fi in hotels since they cater for the guests that frequent there. Maybe you could enjoy free Wi-Fi as you relax on the parking lot or in a public area if such hotels do not have a password to block your access. However, hotels have changed their mode of offering internet through securing their hotspots so that you can only access the Wi-Fi if you are a customer and not just a passer-by.

Apply an app to enable you locate free Wi-Fi that are near you

If you are in need of help to locate free Wi-Fi, engage a device that has an app that can find Wi-Fi. The apps that help most are the ones that are supported by iOS and Android. Once you run the app for the first time, it will help you see a list of paid and free Wi-Fi.



Hey there! As a part of this generation, you already are familiar with the term public WIFI. These are the WIFI connections that offer free connectivity to millions of users present out there. However, not all the cities in the world can enjoy these perks but for the ultra-modern ones;

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