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Free Wi-Fi Networks: The World’s Most Connected Cities

It is not every country that has internet connection. Moreover, when we talk of connection, all cities are not equal. It is encouraging that many countries are now joining the bandwagon and being in pursuit of provision of fast internet and reliable one for travelers of the 21st Century. In the year 2013, Germany was on record after the national tourist board of Germany managed to launch a private Wi-Fi finder app (Youth HotSpot) that was supported by Android and iOS. You will be surprised of the countries that have the friendliest Wi-Fi network connection. Look at them from below:


Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan eased the burden of visitors in accessing Wi-Fi in the year 2014. If you are moving into Taiwan, you are allowed to register before you arrive. Once you do this you will be given a full month to enjoy free access close to 5,000 hotspots backed by the national government. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has the free hotspots labeled iTaiwan allover.

Florence, Italy

Florence has a multi-museum. The Firenze Card is a pass which is worth over 70 Euros. It is known to include public transport and the main museums in the city. It comes with over 70 hours that people can freely access Wi-Fi as well as an array of hotspots that are managed by the city government. The hotspot sites are all over the city and they are evenly spread even in piazzas and parks. One of the best Wi-Fi zones is found in Florence, and it is called Loggia dei Lanzi.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The year 2013 saw Israel move a step further to pleasing its visitors. The country offered to launch free Wi-Fi for every visitor and the locals. This was a major step to promoting tourism in the country. As a result of this development, the government moved to make over seventy five hotspots in the main cities such as Old Jaffa.


Helsinki, Finland

When you visit Finland, you will be treated to some free Wi-Fi that has no password protection. You can connect in areas such as civic squares, public buildings, and some buses and other trams within the city. Make sure that you get a city transport map that will guide you as you seek to know the areas that have free Wi-Fi. Helsinki Airport is an area that is known to have very fast and reliable internet connection.

Hong Kong

It is not a surprise that Hong Kong has made it in this list. This is a futuristic city and a generous one. It also has very fast and free internet connection. The city has several areas that offer free Wi-Fi to every local and visitor in various areas such as libraries, parks, ferry terminals, and public buildings. Every person’s device is offered some 25 minutes to connect fast and free in selected areas. Seek to know such areas once you pay a visit to Hong Kong. Wi-Fi is the service that gives you a welcome note here.



Hey there! As a part of this generation, you already are familiar with the term public WIFI. These are the WIFI connections that offer free connectivity to millions of users present out there. However, not all the cities in the world can enjoy these perks but for the ultra-modern ones;

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