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Where IsThe World’s Wi-Fi Networks

According to data submitted by users, the areas that lead in internet connection in the globe are Europe and North America. These two regions have more networks of Wi-Fi. Of the data submitted that enabled the said conclusion to be made, the respondents were predominantly from WIGLE who were over 150,000. This enabled a wireless mapping site from the United States to discover more than 230 million connections. The country that features dominantly in the data is the United States of America. This country has over 50 million Wi-Fi networks that were identified. It is a wonder that the country that follows the United States of America is Germany which has very few connections as compared to the U.S. Germany has slightly over 9 million Wi-Fi networks.


Of the entire states in the United States, the state that has the highest number of wireless connections is California having over 6 million Wi-Fi networks. The state that follows is Texas. New York follows a distant third having over 2 million Wi-Fi networks. This number in New York alone is more than the number of networks that were discovered in the entire country of Australia. The metropolitan areas of the United States have significantly high Wi-Fi connections as compared to the rural areas.

It is critical to have wireless internet connections across the globe since it is vital for everyday’s life. The presence of internet is comfortable since one is able to have fast connection. You will be able to check emails as you commute to and from work. This is regardless of the situation you are in.

The quality of internet connection in every country is different from every other. Rotten Wi-Fi conducted a survey that included over 180 countries. This was in a quest to understand the country with the best connection of Wi-Fi. The results of the survey indicated was based on the experiences that users had as far as speed and quality of Wi-Fi connection is concerned.


The data that was released by Rotten Wi-Fi shows that Lithuania was the best. The download speed of Wi-Fi in the country was recorded as 16.1 Mbps. The region that dominates the list is Europe, and it is an amazing thing to note that the United States does not manage to be ranked in the top 20 countries. This is in spite of the dominance that the country has had in the globe as well as the number of top companies that provide internet having their headquarters there.

While majority of countries are in abundance of Wi-Fi connection, Africa is sadly far from achieving fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Internet connection per household was rated to be 10% in the year 2015. This is far from comparison with 80% of households that have internet connection in Europe. Africa falls short of the report given by the United Nations that says that over 50% of the households will have access to internet in the year 2015. The cost of internet in Africa is high as compared to countries that have higg internet connection.



Hey there! As a part of this generation, you already are familiar with the term public WIFI. These are the WIFI connections that offer free connectivity to millions of users present out there. However, not all the cities in the world can enjoy these perks but for the ultra-modern ones;

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