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How To Set Up Public Wi-Fi At Your Business

If you plan to offer free internet for the customers of your business, you will make your business to soar to greater heights. If you have a café, a hotel or a restaurant, you will definitely make better sales and customers will take longer times in your business since they know that you have free Wi-Fi. For the investors who are into motels and hotels, you should consider to have free Wi-Fi since travelers consider internet among the first things before they rent a place to stay. You could also choose to provide Wi-Fi to associates and this will benefit your business as well. Even though mobile carriers are the dominant ones as far as wireless internet connection is concerned, Wi-Fi connectivity is reliable in provision of fast internet and there is no limit on usage. Moreover, it is possible to provide Wi-Fi to areas that cannot be reached by 4G as well as for tablets, laptops, and other devices that are not equipped with 4G.



Take care of your private network

It is common thought that offering free Wi-Fi is done through allowing people to access the hotspot for free. Many people think that this is the easiest way. However, this is not safe for your business as you may think. Since your network is private, once you allow strangers to access the private network you are prone to hacking and other cyber crimes such as data theft.

If you have private network, ensure that the network is secured with personal security-WPA2. This will prevent others from eavesdropping and accessing your network. Does your business have several users of your Wi-Fi? Then move with speed and encrypt it through use of a password or use a server that limits the usage to a certain radius. This will help you to manage your Wi-Fi.


Make use of the equipment that is in existence

There are businesses that are able to provide private Wi-Fi to their clients. Such businesses have the capacity to continue offering Wi-Fi in a safe manner without procuring additional software or hardware. Some of the wireless routers that are found small offices are critical in offering access features to guests. Once you have enabled guest access, the other users of the network will be able to see the networks that are available on the devices that they have. The access of the available networks will be separated from the predominant network. The routers that are configured to provide internet and the access points (APs) have the ability of offering an array of features such as LAN and SSID. If your business is able to have a proper set up of the said features, then it will be possible to provide wireless internet with different levels of security, and this will be separated from the private network that you are using. You should exercise caution at all times since your business security should not be compromised. Make sure that your network is secure even if you are in the business of providing Wi-Fi.



Hey there! As a part of this generation, you already are familiar with the term public WIFI. These are the WIFI connections that offer free connectivity to millions of users present out there. However, not all the cities in the world can enjoy these perks but for the ultra-modern ones;

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