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Top 20 Countries For Best Public Wi-FiIn 2015

Various countries have emerged as global giants in provision of quality and excellent Wi-Fi. As you traverse the world in your business or personal pursuits, you will be treated to some fast internet in an array of countries. The countries featured in this article have taken great strides in provision of fast and reliable internet.


Among the first countries in the list is Lithuania which has beaten other global economies giants such as United Kingdom and Singapore. According to some survey results that were released in the recent past, Lithuania emerged the best as rated by the experiences of various users. Over 180 countries have participated in the testing of the hotspots provided in public places.


Lithuania has had heavy investments in provision of public Wi-Fi so as to be the global leader. The fastest internet speed recorded in the year 2015 in Lithuania was 16.1 Mbps. Surprisingly the survey that found this out was conducted by a firm based in the United Kingdom. This firm is called Rotten Wi-Fi. This is the second time that the European country has been rated the best.

The Wi-Fi research firm has indicated that the international Wi-Fi day should be celebrated in every 2nd December. Rotten Wi-Fi brings together the experiences that different people have as they traverse various countries in Europe and other regions across the world.

After Lithuania, the country that scooped position two was Estonia. It is important to note that Estonia is located close to Lithuania. The internet speed for public Wi-Fi in Estonia was rated to be 14.8 Mbps. Closely following Estonia was Singapore, a powerhouse based in Southeast Asia. The Wi-Fi speed in Singapore was rated to be 13.1 Mbps.


The United Kingdom was rated as position 6 with a speed of 11.7 Mbps. The Britons maintained the position that they had gotten in the year 2014. Amazingly, the country that has a very well developed route of internet, the United States, was not rated in the list of top 20. This is a contrast since some of the largest companies that are known in internet provision are located in the United States. The table below shows the top 20 countries and their speed:

Country Speed (Mbps) Country Speed (Mbps)
Lithuania 16.1 Barbados 11.1
Estonia 14.8 Latvia 10.9
Singapore 13.1 Malta 10.5
Switzerland 12.8 Hungary 10.4
The Netherlands 11.9 Slovenia 10.2
UK 11.7 Bulgaria 9.7
Denmark 11.5 Croatia 9.3
Ireland 11.5 Finland 9.3
Belgium 11.3 Sweden 9.1
Romania 11.2 Canada 9.1

Most of the countries that made in the top 20 list are found in Europe. A few in North America and a single one is located in Asia. Rotten Wi-Fi management said that the satisfaction of clients for the countries in the top 20 was 4 out of ten. Further, the management said that the ranking was critical as it would enable the ones that are rated as best to maintain while those that are not rated to improve. It is a tradition of Rotten Wi-Fi to rate countries.



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